Steps on How to Fray Jeans

unduhan-10Frayed jeans with raveled threads at the edges is a must if you are looking for a rugged look. It never goes out of fashion and be sported on many informal, casual events. If you are planning to fray your jeans for the first time, it is advisable to use an old pair. Later on, once you perfect the procedure, you can have you new denim frayed. Fraying is commonly done at the end or at the knees of the jeans. If you want an altogether new look, you can cut your jeans, convert it into shorts, and then have it frayed.

Things Required to Fray Jeans

  • Jeans
  • Scissors
  • Wire brush
  • Nail filer/needle/paper knife
  • Scale and tailor’s chalk
  • Sandpaper

Step-by-step Instructions

  • Wash and iron the jeans before you begin to work on it. This will help you in determining the length. New ones will probably shrink after washing.
  • It is advisable to wear the jeans and then mark, otherwise, the length may vary. Once you decide the length of the desired fray, make a mark with tailor’s chalk on it.
  • Place the jeans on a flat surface, and using the scale, draw a straight line so that you can have an even cut.
  • You should cut off the hem so that fraying becomes easier. Now cut the jeans on the marked line with a pair of scissors.
  • With a needle, pull some strands at the edges to create a frayed look. A wire brush can also be used to fray jeans. It is alright even if the edges remain uneven.
  • You can even use a nail file, scissor, or a paper knife to create a frayed look for your jeans. Repeatedly rub on the jeans with any one of these tools vertically.
  • You can even rip jeans or make slits or holes in other areas with a needle.
  • In order to create a more destroyed look, you can bleach the jeans or rub it with sandpaper to create a faded look.
  • As a final step, wash the jeans again to see the effect of your work. Frays and distressed effect will look different and more natural after every wash.
  • Try on the jeans after washing and if you find extra long strands after washing the jeans, cut them to the desired length. You can even fray it more if you want.

If you want to distress a part of jeans, simply use a paper knife or a sandpaper to fray the desired portion using the same procedure. Long jeans, if worn without altering, can make the strands at the hem loose, which, in turn, will make fraying a lot easier. You can try this on your old or new jeans to convert it into a trendy, cool, vintage looking pair that will surely turn heads!

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans Stylishly

Ape a Celeb
Want to be dressed like the original diva who gave boyfriend jeans their rightful place in fashionable wardrobes? Well, just look at Katie Holmes for inspiration. She started the trend way back in 2008 when she practically lived in these baggy denims. If her tomboyish style doesn’t do the trick for you, then Sienna Miller’s style will probably be a better fashion fit.
Once upon a time, in a land we probably recognize from everyday drudgery, lived a couple who were blissfully in love. Eric and Ariana had satisfying jobs, great friends, and best of all, separate wardrobes. It made for a wonderful life. Until that day when a pair of jeans became the proverbial spoke in the wheel. It drove Eric mad with anxiety, while Ariana continued living her life in blissful ignorance. This is the story of how Eric, our charming hero, overcame his monsters, and went back to living the life he was meant to.

Chapter 1: Is she wearing my jeans?

Day 1: Picnic with Friends

Hannah’s picnic. That’s where it all started. That fateful day in the park when Eric suddenly noticed something very off about Ariana. She was always a little moody when it came to spending time with large crowds. But not that day. She was gregariously happy. His mind was in turmoil. Had something happened? Was there someone new in her life? She always hated these things. The people. The stupid dress codes. That’s when he realized what was different. Her clothes.

Ari was what everyone called a complete girly-girl; she hated the idea of wearing denims. Miner’s clothes, she called them. And her dislike always showed on her face. But today, things were different. Her jeans weren’t the usual skinny ones. She was wearing her favorite grungy, vintage tee with that pair of orange sneakers she loved and normally, kept for outings she liked. But her jeans; they were baggy, loose, low-slung; almost like a guy’s jeans. And then, it struck him. That’s what was different. Ari was wearing his jeans. Why?
Chapter 2 : Wait! Those ripped jeans to work?

Day 4: Office

A one-off; that’s what it was. There was nothing more to it. Maybe she was just more comfortable in baggy clothes. It didn’t seem like her. But hey, people change! Right? Eric really didn’t think there was anything more to it. But boy, was he wrong! A couple of days later, Eric got back from his morning jog, walking into a bit of a surprise. Searching for Ari, he peeked into the bedroom, and he was shocked.

She was wearing his denims again. To work, to top it all. Why? Granted, it was a gorgeous look, but didn’t she have enough clothes in that overflowing room that she called a closet. Why was she ransacking his bare minimum cupboard? He had to admit though, he would never have thought of his denims being worn with a blazer, striped tee, and heels. But this was getting a bit too much now. Should he speak to her about the boundaries they had set? Or was he just over-reacting?

He had heard horror stories where girlfriends would take over their boyfriends’ wardrobes, and style it according to what they thought worked best. But this was completely new. His bewilderment of the first two times gave way to resignation. Ariana was all about boundaries, and if she was taking stuff from his cupboard it was probably with good reason. He just figured he would ask her when they went for dinner on the weekend.
Chapter 3 : Okay! She looks like she knows what she’s doing!

Day 8: Dinner Date

Their favorite little Italian joint, good music, and heavenly food. Eric was looking forward to a wonderful evening with his favorite girl. And nothing would make him think too much. But there was no way he could have known that his denims were going to make an appearance at the dinner table. But they did, and he was so flabbergasted at seeing them being worn with a cape and high heels , that he remained a little tongue-tied throughout.

He did manage to compliment her on her appearance, though. He figured the look was kinda growing on him. He decided he would just tell her to keep the denims. They looked better on her. He would tell her the next time she wore them.
Chapter 4 : Alright then! They’re obviously not mine anymore.

Day 15: Indie Music Festival

And the opportunity presented itself soon enough. They were going for the indie music festival, and he was waiting for her in the living room. She came out in this very tomboy-inspired, yet feminine attire; a slinky top in bright green, long earrings in pink, a hat, and his denims. And she looked so stylish. He figured it was now or never.

That’s when he told her.”You know Ari, my jeans look better on you. You should just keep them.” “Huh?! What?”, replied a very surprised Ariana. “These aren’t yours. They just look like yours.” “Stop hiding it sweetheart. I know they’re mine. They have rips exactly where I have them and everything,” said Eric. “Yeah Eric, that’s because I painstakingly created this ripped look using your jeans as my inspiration. These are mine. They’re called boyfriend jeans ‘cos they look like men’s jeans. Don’t believe me? I can prove it to you with one trip to the mall.”

That trip to the mall did happen. Eric was shown the boyfriend jeans shelf with gleeful enthusiasm by Ariana. The mystery that remained was where were his jeans. Well, information about them came via a phone call a couple of days later when the dry-cleaners called to ask him to pick them up. The pickup had been long overdue apparently.

Ideas to Stylishly Simple

Well, that’s so true Mr. Yves Saint Laurent! Jeans are the most practical and comfortable piece of clothing, and there is so much you can do with them. You can wear them out, trim them, fold them, stitch stuff on them, dye them, write on them, and they still look cool.

There are many ways to do that, however, it is very important that you wear appropriate shoes and clothes when you cuff your jeans. So, let’s get started.

Normal-length Jeans

Before we start looking at the various ways you can cuff your jeans, here are pictures of normal-length jeans. It is not possible that you will always find a pair of jeans which is of perfect-length while shopping. Well, then what do you do? You get it altered. That can be tedious for lazy folks like me.

But, you can simply fold it a bit to adjust the length, and give it a style too. Well, let us look at the various ways you can cuff your jeans.

The Skinny Fold

Since everything ‘skinny’ is in, here are pictures of the skinny fold. Just fold the jeans out a bit for a skinny fold. You can double or triple fold it if you want. More folds will reveal your ankles. Since ankle-length pants are popular, you can rock this look.

You can try wearing boyfriend jeans, and do 3 to 5 skinny folds with it. Then wear a fitting T-shirt and some heels. Accessorize a bit, and you are great to go!

The Standard Fold

The medium/standard fold is the most commonly done jeans cuff. Mostly, men tend to go for this fold. A single fold, when done perfectly, looks neat. You can pair such folded jeans with white sneakers and a polo T-shirt for a smart, casual look. However, you can do a double fold too if the length is too much, or you want it to be ankle length.

If you want a carefree look, you can simply do two to three messy folds, and wear your flip-flops and a simple round-neck T-shirt for a summer/beach look.

The Thick Fold

The thick fold looks smart when done neatly and worn with the right shoes. So, pair this fold with semi-formal shoes. However, go with a single fold and a casual shirt. You can do a double, thick fold, if you want the pants to be at ankle length.

Ladies can do multiple folds of a pair of jeans, till the jeans becomes a Capri pant.

The Inner Fold

This is not the usual fold, it is done to conceal the extra length of the pants. However, it works only as a single fold, and doesn’t work that well if the pants are too long. Make sure you do a neat inner fold, or the jeans will look sloppy. This quick fix works great if done properly, and paired with the right shoes and clothes.

Apart from looking cool, jeans cuff styles also increase the life of your jeans by preventing fraying. So, what are you waiting for, grab that pair of jeans, a nice pair of shoes, stand in front of the mirror, and get on with it.

Tiips to Fade Jeans at Home

Easy way out
While they are relatively more expensive than other techniques, chemical fade dye products are an easy way to get the faded look for your jeans.
Just as wines mature and turn more luscious with age, your jeans, when allowed to age gracefully, become an appealing vintage-style adornment for your legs. They say eyes are a reflection of your self, and we say your worn-out, faded jeans are a reflection of your slovenly and careless self. But who cares? As long as it is in vogue and you witness even the most civil woman attempting to gain forceful possession of a pair of faded jeans from an equally unyielding (and possibly wounded) aficionado in a store, it’s really cool.

However, why buy milk when you have got cow for free? Meaning, instead of forking out more dollars to buy faded jeans, why not simply fade the ones you already own? Sounds good, eh? Learn how to fade your jeans at home, and be cool and edgy without burning a hole in your already-perforated pocket.

Few lemons will do it
Yeah, you heard it right. Lemon juice is one of the surefire ways of fading your jeans and yes, without the inorganic accompaniment of chemicals. Just dunk your jeans into a bucket of water and make sure it is completely soused; or simply use a water hose for it. Rinse it and wring it as if your life depended on it, and remove all the extra water. Put good dollops of concentrated lemon juice (enough to smother your jeans with) in a bucket and plunge your jeans in it. Just as your bad stomach won’t mend the moment you swallow a pill, likewise, your jeans won’t fade the moment you treat it with lemon juice. So, accept delay with equanimity, no matter how fitful you are feeling. Allow the lemon juice to soak your jeans for a few hours, but make sure to check on it from time to time for the desired ‘fade’ look. Once you get that perfect faded look, get your jeans out from the bucket and hang it on a clothesline. Hose down your jeans to stop excessive lemony magic, let it hang on the clothesline in the sun to expedite the fading process, and you will be rewarded.

Bleach ’em
Another proven and potent way of fading your jeans is tada! Bleaching! While bleaching will help you tamper with the original color of jeans and in a way deprive it of its vitality, it will also weaken your fabric. So, before going in for this fading technique, make sure you know the consequences of it (this sounds as if the Apocalypse is right around the corner). Moving on. For this technique, you can use a washing machine (you don’t have to switch it on, we’ll use it only as a container) or bathtub (a bathtub is preferable if you are looking for an even fading effect). Ah and yes, use gloves for health and safety. Drown your jeans in hot water and add half a cup of bleach in it. Don’t allow your jeans to slacken; try to keep them as flat as you can in the bathtub using a stick. Let your jeans soak till the time you get the required shade. Rinse it with cold water, hang it out to dry, and wash it with a fragrant detergent to get rid of the bleach smell as well as use a fabric softener to slacken it (well, now it can).

Spot bleaching
Those of you, who are looking for a sporadic or uneven fading effect, then spot bleaching is your thing. Wearing gloves is again mandatory. Lay your jeans flat on a table and again don’t allow your jeans to form crinkles. Take a sponge or cloth and dampen it in the bleach solution (don’t drench it, soak it enough for the sponge or cloth to hold it). Pat the sponge or cloth to moisten the areas that you want to lighten. After it dries, wash it in the washing machine, but make sure there are no other clothes in it or else they’ll get tie-dyed along with your jeans.

Use sandpaper or pumice stone
This technique is an area-specific one to lighten your jeans. Choose the areas that you want to fade―around your knee, seat, pocket area, etc. Use a sandpaper, preferably 180 grit or a pumice stone, and rub it on the areas that you want to lighten. Don’t scrape it vehemently or else there will be no fabric left to lighten it! Anyway, you are withering down the fabric in a bid to fade it, so abrading it forcefully will rip that part of your jeans (well, of course if you are looking for a distressing effect, then the resulting look you’ll love). After scraping the desired areas, wash the denim to remove the remainder dye, and you are done.

Why manhandle your jeans if you can wait a little longer?
Denim is a sturdy fabric that can brook up with all your chemical treatments and other kind of abuses, but if you have the patience to wait for a few days for your jeans to fade naturally, then there’s nothing like it. All you need to do is tarry wash your jeans as long as you and others can put up with the stink, ha ha. Finally, after you wash it in the machine, you’ll see a fade color of your jeans, with the good part being that the longevity of your jeans won’t be reduced as opposed to other fading techniques.

Now that you all know how to give your jeans a worn-out and faded effect, you can try them on your least loved, or let’s say, inexpensive jeans. Because, god forbid, if anything were to go awry, you will at least not get a panic attack. Good luck.