The Beauty of Vintage Fashion

There’s something quite mesmerizing about vintage fashion, especially when it’s executed properly. The combination of unique finds, along with some of the incredibly thoughtful forgotten designs that fashion brands of the past have produced, means that there’s an endless wealth of amazing discoveries to be had in thrift stores, on eBay, and at garage sales.

Among fashion bloggers, many of the coolest vintage clothing posts can be found on Instagram. While many users struggle to get off the ground with followers (if that sounds like you, you can buy instagram views here), many other accounts have managed to carve out an effective niche for themselves by displaying their gorgeous retro-flavoured finds.

Big Business

It may surprise you to hear it, but second-hand clothing has actually developed into a booming market in recent years. In fact, an article by Business of Fashion revealed the value of the used-clothes industry to be worth almost $4 billion.

Between 16 to 18 percent of Americans will shop at a thrift store each year, and they’ve got an amazing variety of outlets to choose from; at the last estimate, it was thought that there were more than 25,000 second-hand retail and not for profit stores in the country (this figure also includes consignment stores).

The same article deduced that Fashionphile, a popular second-hand clothes and fashion accessories retailer, managed to pull in about $3 million of sales in February 2016. In fact, in the year prior to that, their custom grew by one fifth, from 50% to 60%.

The Source of Growth

It’s easy to look at these figures and become confused about why buying second-hand clothes has become such a big business.

In fact, Forbes have also taken a look at the trend, specifically trying to figure out why such a massive industry has sprung up around used clothing. In that article, writer Rachel Hennessey managed to make a correlation between social movements of the past which proved to be instrumental to womens’ rights.

For example, Coco Chanel was a particularly prominent fashion figure in the 1920s, often using her platform to espouse a positive, affirming message for all women. She encouraged them to pursue absolute freedom, whether that involve choosing where they worked or how they dressed.

Worth Checking Out

If you’re interested in incorporating vintage clothing into your own sense of style, look no further than these cool Instagram posters for some inspiration:


Based in NYC, Amarcord Vintage do an amazing job of sourcing some of the most impressive used high-end goods from the big city’s retailers. One look at their feed reminds us how timeless brands like Chanel and Missoni are; their goods only improve with time.


Retailers of thousands of incredible used fashion finds, Mamastone Vintage have been in business for a decade and market themselves to bohemians with a taste for the subtle – or sometimes not-so-subtle – old-school chique.

We hope this articles serves as a great introduction to vintage fashion for you, and don’t forget to keep checking back for more awesome posts like this!

Can You Look Your Best All Year Round and Still Pay Rent and Eat? How to Be a Fashionista on a Shoestring Budget

If there is one thing that every fashionista knows, it’s that wearing current trends all year round is no cheap task. Of course, one thing that every serious fashionista knows is that where there’s a will, there’s a (cheap) way.

Sample Sales

Have you ever watched a collection go down the runway only to never see your favorite piece make it into production? While most fashionistas only buy what they can see on the rack, for those looking for truly unique pieces, sample sales are the way to go. The challenge is finding them, as brands often don’t like to advertise their name next to the word sale.

Online fashion forums are a great place to find like-minded fashionistas such as yourself and get the inside scoop on when these sales are coming up. Often times, fashion brands themselves will post the details as a way to control the spread of the news, ensuring their stores aren’t even more overrun with crazy shoppers than usual.


Just because Groupon Coupons offers discounts on everyday products like those at their Office Depot store, doesn’t mean that they also don’t offer them on their range of clothing stores. If you see an item that you must have in the store window, take note of the product details and look for a coupon online to buy it for a heavily discounted price.

While you may have to wait a week or two (GASP!), the brief wait will be well worth it when you are the envy of all your friends as you strut around in up-to-date fashions. Another great bonus with shopping using coupons is that they aren’t always just for the items you buy. When you are searching, look for coupons you can apply to shipping to further keep your costs down.

Take a Hike!

Well, only if you’re wearing the current season’s hiking fashions. If not, then it’s time to take a drive into the suburbs. Department stores in the city need to pay higher prices just to open their doors. That’s before they even turn the lights on or pay their staff. The money needed to operate a store comes from one place and one place only – the price tag on that jacket you have been looking at.

However, do you know which stores are able to sell their items for less? Those with lower overheads. These stores are often located in areas you usually wouldn’t consider traveling to for shopping, however, the journey can be well worth it. While you shouldn’t expect 50 percent discounts, even saving the tax amount can quickly add up as your shopping companion’s arms get more and more full as the shopping day goes on.

Just because you don’t have CoCo Chanel’s bank account doesn’t mean that you can’t look elegant, it just means that you need to employ a few tips and tricks, much like the ones in this article.

Fashion ideas for the Body Shape

Have you often gone shopping and felt nothing ever fitted your body, or if it did, it did not really flatter you? Well, I am sure it must have happened at some point in your life. Somehow, ‘the beautiful shift dress looked beautiful only on the mannequin’ … these and many such other situations make shopping a stressful activity for many. However, not many of us realize one can have a great time shopping if done wisely. Why buy clothing that do not enhance the personality and follow baseless trends? Rather, opt for fashionable clothing that boosts your confidence and beautifies your appearance. A perfect fit is more important than shopping for designer clothing. The secret of dressing to kill lies in picking the right clothing gear and teaming it with other items that blend well.

Different Body Shapes

Before noting down fashion tips, we need to learn the basic and common body shapes amongst women.

  • Pear Shape: Women who belong to this category have a narrow upper body, with a heavier bottom and thighs.
  • Apple Shape: In this case, women have a broader upper body with a narrow bottom. Women with this body type tend to put on more weight on the middle area.
  • Boyish/ Athletic Shape: This shape refers to women with a narrow figure overall. Weight is evenly distributed in such cases.
  • Hourglass Shape: A narrow waist with the upper and lower body in great proportion is what an hourglass shape is all about. This shape is like a dream come true for many women.

These were the basic body shapes, and there can be variations in this depending upon each woman. The trick lies in enhancing the positive points.

What to Wear for your Body Shape

Now, who does not love gorgeously flowing or short fitting dresses? Floral prints, animal prints, or solids, dresses have always wooed women of all age groups. Use these fashion tips to dress as per your body shape.

  • Pear Shape: Women with this body shape should avoid shift dresses, as they tend to cling to the body. Choose dresses that accentuate the upper area of the body to draw attention away from the lower area.
  • Apple Shape: Choose dresses that have interesting necklines. This will pull the attention away from the stomach area. Avoid clingy fabrics for the upper body.
  • Boyish/Athletic Shape: You can safely wear dresses with loads of ruffles and frills. Look for typical feminine dresses that increase the overall volume of the body shape.
  • Hourglass Shape: Need I say again that any kind of dress will suit such a figure? You can safely opt for fitting or flowing dresses.

Whether you need a touch of romance or flirty fun, skirts are perfect for a date, or even at work.

  • Pear Shape: Skirts should help to slim down the bottom area in this case. Choose skirts that taper towards the ankles in dark shades, and avoid ones that flare from the waist onwards.
  • Apple Shape: Opt for pleated styles and well-fitting skirts. This will bring the attention away from the tummy. Pencil skirts are a huge no-no in this case.
  • Boyish/Athletic Shape: Layered skirts with floral prints look pretty on women with an athletic shape. Opt for layers and detailing.
  • Hourglass Shape: Well-fitted skirts, such as the pencil skirt with side slits look great on hourglass shapes. You can experiment in terms of fabrics and colors.

Jeans / Pants / Trousers
We all love wearing denim jeans or trousers, but you need to choose the right fit. Did someone mention that searching for the right fit is as difficult as searching for the perfect man?

  • Pear Shape: Trousers should be in dark colors. Choose patterns that widen towards the ankle area.
  • Apple Shape: Trousers or pants should be slightly loose, with less detailing. Avoid those heavy pockets, choose simple silhouettes instead.
    Boyish/Athletic Shape: This lucky lot can safely wear skinny jeans and fitting trousers. Team it with stylish boots, and you will rock!
  • Hourglass Shape: Jeans or trousers that fit like a glove are great for an hourglass shape. You can safely opt for low-waist jeans as well!

Tops/ Jackets
The kind of range one gets in terms of fashionable tops and jackets is quite mind-boggling. The trick obviously lies in choosing the perfect style.

  • Pear Shape: You can safely opt for tops and jackets with a lot of detailing. Team it with a chunky necklace.
  • Apple Shape: Tops with scoop necks work wonders for the apple shape. Look for tops that fall lightly and do not add more weight to the upper body. Jackets that cover the tummy are ideal for this body shape.
  • Boyish/Athletic Shape: Go in for sporty tops or even layered clothing. Feminine tops with ruffles are also a great option. Jackets with zany graphics or added pockets can bring out the best in you.
  • Hourglass Shape: Tops with V-necks suit women with an hourglass figure. Clingy fabrics will add a sexy element to your personality.

Use these fashion tips to dress up your best and floor everybody around you. It is not about which brand you buy, but about how you learn to dress as per your own personality. Have fun!

How to Get a Job in the Fashion Industry

Making a career in any field begins with finding the suitable job. Your first job plays an important role in molding you towards your line of work. It remains a silent teacher all through your life, being a constant reminder to you of the wise lessons learned. But for several aspirants in the fashion industry, finding their dream job is not an easy task. It takes a great deal of hard work to land yourself a job that you have always wanted to do.

With millions out there trying to make it into the fashion industry, it is only getting difficult to find jobs in the same field. The cutthroat competition can seem suffocating with its surmounting pressure. But for those who are determined to break into the field of fashion and make it big, here are a few tips that could prove to be helpful.

How to Get a Job in the Fashion Industry

Begin as an Intern

The basic requirement of any field is acquiring adequate skills and honing them for as long as you continue to work. The best way to do this is to find yourself an internship. There would be a score of boutiques and clothing design start-ups in and around your city. Get in touch with them in order to get yourself an internship. Learning the tricks of trade is very important before your get to handle a post with a bigger responsibility. The other ways in which you can intern are―working as a volunteer at fashion shows, managing local fashion events, working with new fashion designers trying to set up shop, and looking for jobs on job websites.

Build Your Network

Networking is very crucial as far as finding suitable jobs is concerned. Finding yourself good references and knowing people helps a great deal in finding out the latest trends and requirements in the industry. Meeting new people could also help you find a mentor for yourself, who will guide you through your dream career that you have envisioned.

Fashion Blogger

While fashion designing continues to be a huge part of the jobs dominating the industry, styling is an aspect that is slowly catching up. Styling has become a new niche, attracting several people around the globe. The best way to get your hands dirty in this is through blogging. Start your own fashion blog, get in touch with local designers, write about them, create your own signature style, publicize your blog, and build a loyal fan following. This is a great way of getting noticed, making sure your fashion opinions are making an impact, and becoming a style expert.

Formal Education

Formal education can prove to be your biggest entry ticket in the field of fashion. Taking a professional course, dedicating time to specialize in a particular stream of fashion, and understanding the nitty-gritties of it, can be of a great advantage. Taking classes helps in acquiring technical skills of the basic things that go into creating fashion, such as sewing, designing, drawing, printmaking, and other related technical tools. If a full-time course is not feasible for you to take up, then try a part-time course, or even weekend classes.

Fashion Photographer

There are various subsets of jobs in the fashion industry. Being a fashion photographer is one of them. Take up a photography course to understand the tricks of fashion photography. Social networking is a great platform to showcase your work in the beginning. Collaborate with fashion bloggers and design students to apply the knowledge gained from time to time. The road to becoming a good and well-known photographer is through taking up dynamic projects, and being able to sell them.

Makeup Artist

Clothes are just one part of fashion. What really brings out the character is the makeup a model wears to create a certain look for the clothes. Being a makeup artist or a hairstylist are two more ways in which you can be a part of the fashion industry. Of course, one needs to acquire special training in this field as well, to begin with.
Getting a job in the fashion industry truly depends on your inclination and how you hone your expertise. With so many aspects to this industry, it is important to channelize your liking and skill-sets. Take up every opportunity that you may find at the start. Every job teaches you important lessons which are rarely studied within the walls of a classroom. Working in the fashion industry requires excellent communication and people skills. Thus, start building your network early, and always maintain the relationships that you may build, for you never know how help can be sought. In the end, remember that the best tip to get a job in the fashion industry will always be to work hard and smart towards your goals.

Ideas to Scene Clothing Fashion

Scene style is all about being unique and donning that out-of-the-crowd look. So, those who want to wear a different look can consider this style of clothing. This is all about looking funky and perfectly bold. A colorful and young look is what you can don with this attire. Yes, trendy accessories and various scene hairstyles and makeup can be rightly paired with these clothes to complete the look.

Ideas on Perfect Pick

To start with, let’s know about the popular colors and the combinations commonly worn by scene girls and guys. Most of the clothing can be seen in pastel colors. Violets, reds, and oranges are all popular. Flashy colors like hot pink and bright yellow are highly popular in this fashion trend. Blacks and whites are also picked by many, but definitely not plains. Neon colors are something that you can commonly see in all the collections of brands. The combinations are usually red with black, pink with black, green and white, and hot pink and purple.

Prints are the next prominent part. They include bullets, guns, stars, and commonly, a mix of various prints. You can see the much uncommon ones, like that of hot-red blood, which others might feel uncomfortable to put on. Zebra, leopard, and other trendy animal prints are seen on the tops, pants, and other bottom wear. Band tees are highly popular amongst scene teens. Tees filled with weird quotes and sayings are another hit style in their outfits. The latest includes cartoon characters; so, for guys, it also does include a black tee with Pokemon over it. Checkered prints are also popular in scene clothes, which are not restricted to tops alone.

The next characteristic is its ultimate skinny fitting. You can see no scene fashion follower wearing a loose tee or a baggy bottom. Be it tops or bottoms, it’s all about tight-fitting clothes. Slim-fit T-shirts of waist length or shorter, in flashy colors and bold, unusual prints are a favorite of scene girls. Long body fitting T-shirts covering the hips can be paired with opaque tights. As mentioned earlier, tight fitting is the primary feature of this style of clothing and so are the pants or bottoms. You can see pants in large checkered prints, in colors like red, blue, and yellow for girls. Wide-striped tops extending till the mid of the tights are also their hot favorite. Guys can be seen wearing small checkered pants with T-shirts having mixed prints or quotes. These clothes are commonly paired with contrast jackets, funky belts in black-and-white designs, and trendy footwear. T-shirts with digital prints are a highly popular fashion amongst boys following this style. Skinny jeans with those tiny tees having unpopular brand logos, paired with tangling accessories, make a perfect scene attire for girls.

If you do not know where to buy this style of clothes, you can just check out the various stores, having a good collection of these. Apart from this, you can simply hit some online shopping sites to find a wide range of varieties. Furthermore, you can also shop for suitable accessories and matching, funky bags to complete the scene attire. Check the fashion magazines for some suitable hair color ideas and get ready to flaunt the hot style.

Tips to Become a Fashion Photographer

Most of us are enticed by the glamor of the fashion industry and want to be related to it in some way. While fashion photography is a great way to become a part of the industry, entering it can be a tough process. Fashion photography is a career that requires you to be excellent in your work, stand out from the rest of the thousands of fashion photographers who are trying to make it out there, and have the right network to get known. Education in photography is an additional boost you can give your career. Here, we tell you how to break into this competitive field.

What it Takes to Become a Fashion Photographer

A fashion photographer is someone who photographs models, accessories, or clothing to be showcased in fashion magazines, and cover fashion shows in some cases. This professional ensures that the subject of the photograph is highlighted in the best possible manner by using the right kind of lighting, backdrop, and any other accessories that will help the subject stand out. While fashion photographers usually work with fashion magazines, some freelance after attaining a suitable amount of experience in the field. Some may also work with advertising agencies, modeling agencies, and stock photography agencies. They may have their own studios where they carry out all their shoots. Use some of these tips to get into this field and carve a space for yourself.

Determine whether you have the Requisite Skills
The first skill that a fashion photographer requires is the ability to look at things differently from the layman. An artistic flair or sensibility is absolutely necessary to make it in any area of photography. You must have a lot of creativity because your job is not only to showcase a subject, but showcase it in a manner that is highly desirable. This also means you need to pay attention to detail. While these are your artistic abilities, the use of high-end cameras along with photo editing software should be understood by you. You must be a focused, patient individual because getting a break in this job can take some time. Finally, in this field, you don’t work alone but with a team of other individuals who help you create a mood for your photo shoot. As such, you should be a good team player to execute these shoots with least hassles possible.

Take some Photography Classes
Some experts stress on a degree in photography, but a few courses that teach you the necessary techniques required to be a good photographer are enough. In a creative field such as this, what you need is an excellent portfolio that showcases your work rather than a strong education. The focus on education is only for you to understand the technicalities of photography and the appropriate use of the camera along with other photography equipment; and honing your skills as you progress is what will help you become a good fashion photographer.

Develop a Portfolio
Get hold of a used but good camera that will give you high image quality. This is the only piece of equipment you can start off with, and as you make some money you can invest in other photography equipment that will help you enhance the quality of your work. Now, your portfolio should not just be a mere collection of photographs. It should reflect your style, your attitude, and your personality. For instance, even if you are photographing your roommate in her/his night suit, you have to make sure that the photograph is aesthetically pleasing. Whether it is the just-out-of-bed look, or the nightwear itself, you should know how you want to focus on the picture. You may have to use props to make the picture look beautiful and experiment with other lighting materials and angles to get the best picture possible.

Picture editors from renowned fashion magazines explain that they like looking at portfolios that tell a story. The photos need not be related to each other, but should have an element that allows the photographer to portray her/his distinct style throughout. Always ensure that the subjects of your photograph know where and how the photograph is going to be used. You may use release forms for this purpose so that there are no legal issues in the future.

If you are considering applying to a particular magazine with your portfolio, ensure that you have researched the magazine well and understand exactly what they cater to. Lack of research is often where fashion photographers fail to make the cut and are left behind. If you are catering to a magazine that focuses only on shoes, ensure that you send a portfolio based on this subject. Even if you want to present something new in terms of a style that the magazine does not represent, make sure you convey this to the person you send your portfolio to. You don’t always get the chance to personally present your portfolio, so it has to be good enough to speak for itself.

Try to Get some work Published
It is not necessary that because you are aiming to be a fashion photographer your first published work should only be in a popular magazine. You may have done some photo shoots for an advertising agency, a modeling agency, or even a newly launched boutique for its catalog. If you can represent these as your work to the picture editors at the magazine you are applying to, your portfolio will be given some credibility. Also, the kind of photographs you take should complement the write-up that goes alongside to make your work appear genuine and distinct.

Get in Touch with Picture Editors at Fashion Magazines
The first step towards getting in touch with a fashion magazine is understanding whom you should communicate with within the organization. Sending them your portfolio with perhaps a short description of the kind of work you have done in the past, your general style of photography, and the kind of work you would like to do in the future, is extremely important. Don’t send original prints of your work but preferably transparencies or working photographs. Some of you tend to resort to the web and send an online presentation of your work. However, some picture editors give greater value to the traditional book portfolio and not the simplified online versions. If possible, send both out so that you ensure that the editor has received your work. Every photograph or document should have your name and number labeled on it.

Work with an Agent
Most photographers are considered in fashion magazines only when they go through someone’s recommendation. Picture editors do not have the time to go through the thousands of portfolios they are sent in a day. As such, working with an agency that is designed to connect the photographer with the employer is a great choice. It may cost you a little more, but you have a greater guarantee landing that dream job with an agent than you do when trying to get it on your own. Further, agencies don’t get you through only one magazine. They contact all places that your work may be suited to, thereby opening up a multitude of opportunities for you. Whether you directly contact a magazine or go through an agent, it is your job to present a portfolio that is worth showcasing to potential employers. In fact, with an agent the challenge is greater because you have to convince the agent first, who will then convince the potential employer. It is a lot of hard work, but that which definitely pays off. Agencies also guide you toward developing a style that is worthy of getting you into a fashion magazine of your choice.

You have to work extremely hard to get noticed and become a renowned fashion photographer, for which it is important that you have the basics in place first. The most important of these is a unique style that does not emulate that of popular professionals in the field. Once you get through, you will easily be entitled to the high salary and become a well-known name in the field. Even if you do not get into a magazine, you can continue working with modeling and advertising agencies to build up your portfolio, and then take up your dream job. The wait may be long, but the results are totally worth it. Just remember, the sooner you start, the quicker the process will be.

Tips to Shop for Clothes on eBay

With so many online fashion stores, more and more people are opening up to the idea of shopping for fashionable items online. But although people do purchase accessories like fashion jewelry and handbags online, they shy away from buying clothes. This is because people like to try out the clothes and ascertain that it fits them perfectly before buying them. However, if you follow some basic principles for buying apparel online, eBay can be a great place to shop. Online shopping for clothes is a little different from purchasing from a store or boutique. You need to know which types of clothes you can purchase online and how to search for what you are looking for. There is no point in buying a particular piece of clothing just because it is available dirt cheap if it does not suit your body shape or its style is out of fashion. Therefore you need to have a good strategy while shopping for clothes on eBay.

Strategies to Shop for Clothes on eBay

Search for Clothes Smartly
One of the most important tips on shopping for clothes on eBay is to search for items smartly. If you are looking for a particular brand of clothing in a particular color and size, then type this information in your search. This is a good way to narrow down your search and you do not have to wade through too many options in finding a particular thing. This strategy works only when you know what you are looking for.

Buy Clothes where Sizing is Not an Issue
Shop for clothes like skirts, cardigans, scarves, T-shirts and basic tank and tube tops in which the fit does not have to be tailored. For example a medium size basic T-shirt of any brand has a higher probability of fitting you if you generally purchase medium size clothes. But for clothes where the fitting has to be tailored to suit your silhouette like jeans, high waist pants and bandage dresses, it is not a very wise decision to shop from eBay.

Stay Loyal to your Favorite Brands
After shopping for so many years, you must have a list of your favorite brands. When you shop for clothes on eBay, it is best to stick to these known brands where you are assured of the quality and finish of the merchandise. Since you already have an idea about the style and design of clothes they carry, the probability of finding apparel that you like is higher.

Shop for Designer Labels
One of the primary reasons that people shop for clothes in eBay is to get designer labels at a considerably low price. And it makes sense. There is no point purchasing H&M or Old Navy clothing, when these are already available at a low price in the stores. So buy designer labels like Diane von Furstenberg and Roberto Cavalli instead. You can get your favorite designer apparel at a fraction of the retail price.

Ask for Feedback from Seller
Once you have decided to bid on an item of clothing, make sure that you ask for specific details of the item from the seller. Remember to ask about the fabric, size and color of the clothing. Also keep in mind that there might be slight variations of color of a clothing item that you see on eBay, depending upon the quality of the photograph. So you need to clear this with your seller as well.

Make a List of your Favorite Sellers
Once you start to buy clothes on eBay regularly, you will soon find that you come back to purchase from certain sellers again and again. Keep a track of all the merchandise that these sellers list as chances are that you will find some apparel that you like. Also add these sellers to the ‘favorite sellers’ list, so that you can avail any ‘returning customer’ discount that they might provide. Another advantage of adding your favorite sellers to this list is that when these sellers put up a new item, you are immediately notified by email.

Shopping for clothes on eBay can be both tricky and exciting. You can find many vintage clothing items that are hard to find in stores and also designer labels which are too expensive to purchase retail.

How toChossing Online Fashion and Beauty Stores

Allowing people to shop in the relative comfort of their homes has been one of Internet’s greatest innovations. E-commerce is a thriving sector today, and customers sure aren’t complaining.

ASOS―short for ‘As Seen On Screen’ is a UK-based fashion and beauty store aimed at young adults. The company sells 850 brands, as well as its own range of clothing and accessories, with websites targeting the UK, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy, and China, and ships to over 200 other countries.

But despite all the brouhaha over the fabulousness of ASOS, boredom is bound to creep in. Which is precisely the reason why we’re giving you options to branch out. Take a break from ASOS and browse these just-as-fabulous sites for some valued bargains.


It’s not so much a crying fit as it is a plea for attention. Boohoo gives you an interesting collection of clothes and accessories to complement every occasion. Quite in the same space as ASOS, this online store brings you the best of British fashion at your fingertips. The best part though, is that the stuff here is slightly cheaper when compared to ASOS.


Shopbop heavily concentrates on bringing catwalk-inspired pieces right into your closet at a fraction of the cost. Sounds like a good deal? It sure is, which would make you want to check out the site, asap. Also, they have a good collection of accessories to boot, so if you’re not too much into clothing, there’s still some incentive for you to check it out.


And since we’re on the topic of British retailers, here’s another legend which goes by the name of Topshop. The store basically thrives on the concept of value-for-money shopping, and offers amazing goodies at irresistible prices. The snooty lot may look down upon it as much as they wish, but a good bargain should never, ever be tossed up for no reason.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a brand that has gone beyond customary introductions. This American store has lots of options, but just like its name, they seem to be aimed solely at (really) young adults. All said and done, they offer an interesting array of casual clothes and accessories at down to earth prices.


If you’re among those who breathe and dream celebrity style, Singer22 should be a great find for you. Through its ‘celebrity pick’ section the site lets you in on pieces worn by A-listers like Cara Delevingne and Eva Longoria, along with upcoming fashionista, Kendall Jenner. Of course, don’t expect these pieces to come at throwaway prices.


Karmaloop mainly focuses on urban street wear, so those looking for staid fashion can skip it. They have a really long list of brands known for their sporty, casual style including Converse and Married to the Mob. Affordable pricing is their USP, making it the perfect portal for shopping casual style.

Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe offers some chic picks at highly watered down prices, which does push you to visit the site at least once. On doing so, what you see may or may not appeal to you as much, as the site is mostly aimed at the younger lot. However, there’s no stopping you from hunting for a fabulous bargain, as the site seems to be full of those.

Nasty Gal

This portal has a phenomenal fan following among those whose style is more in the rock-chic genre. You’ll be able to find all things grungy here, like distressed denims along with crop tops to match. So, if this is particularly your kind of style, do check out Nasty Gal.

Of a Kind

Of a kind is one website which prides itself on selling wares that are unique and ‘of a kind’. The collection here is fresh and eclectic, and there are high chances that you haven’t seen this stuff elsewhere. This is one site that has clothes which make you want to experiment, no matter what your style statement may be like.

Urban Outfitters

It’s hard to leave Urban Outfitters out of this list, owing to their popularity. They have some amazing pieces for the boho-chic kind, aimed particularly at the free-spirited ones. People may have some strong opinions about the stuff sold on the site, but the collection is definitely worth a look.

They say that the time you spend doing the things you like can never be considered a waste. So, with these websites like ASOS, indulge all you want with these fabulous shopping sites, and consider it to be time well spent. If you’ve got your own favorite portals, do make it a point to share them with us.

French Clothing Styles Ideas

unduhan-11French clothing styles are all about looking feminine, elegant, and incredibly classy, unlike the American way of dressing, which is kind of gender neutral. Many cultures emphasize on enhancing one’s physical beauty, but for the French, wearing good clothes and having the right attitude is much more important.

For all those women who are interested in dressing up the French way, here are some tips which we hope you will find useful. Read on!

Simplicity, Sophistication, and Quality
The French believe in keeping their clothes simple and sophisticated, and these are parameters that MUST be kept in mind. Also, classic French clothing is greatly inspired by the royalty and the nobility; hence, the clothes that you opt for should be highly refined and of very good quality. In fact, French clothing would be incomplete without including high quality wardrobe pieces such as cashmere sweaters, leather skirts, high-heeled leather shoes, branded handbags, and high-end pants.

Pretty Cashmere Sweater

Stylish Leather Skirt

Stylish Casuals
French women believe in dressing up even when they carry on with their day-to-day activities. For example, you will never find them in sweatpants or shorts when shopping for groceries. Even while dressing up casually, they will pair their jeans with boots or high heels for a sophisticated, stylish look. So, to get a French-yet-casual look, you can do the same. Avoid baggy pants, baggy T-shirts, workout clothes, and sneakers as they don’t go with the very essence of French fashion.

Boots Add To The Glamor!

When In Doubt, Wear Heels

The Underplayed Look
French women believe in wearing clothes that look natural and tend to avoid bold and bright-colored clothes, loud prints or lots of embellishments. Opt for clothes that come in a classic shape, color and construction. Neutral-colored clothes are extremely popular with French women, as they never go out of fashion. You too can choose dresses of such classic and everlasting colors like beige, brown, burgundy, gray, and navy.

LWD: Little White Dress

You Can’t Go Wrong With Navy

Originality and Individuality
Women in France like to dress up in clothes that make them stand out in a crowd. They do not believe in following fashion trends blindly and instead believe in dressing in a way that maintains their individuality and originality. Some must-haves in a woman’s wardrobe are pencil skirts, feminine blouses, fancy body-hugging pants, trench coats, pants, and jackets.

Trench Coat

Figure-hugging Pants

As the French believe in dressing up in high-quality clothes that are ideal for all seasons and which rarely go out of fashion, they also have accessories such as bags, scarves, and shoes to complete their attire. It has been observed that fashionistas here choose their accessories in bright colors for a contrast with their clothing colors. So, you can pick shoes or bags that are black, blue, red, or orange in color. Some other must-have accessories are watches, sunglasses, shawls, pantyhose, brooches, pearls, and costume jewelry.

A Splash of Brightness

A Scarf Makes All The Difference

For the perfect French look, it is not just the clothing style that you will have to emulate. Their make up sense too has to be imbibed, which is done in such a way that it results in a very natural look. There is no use of outrageously colored eye-shadows, fake tans, overtly waxed eyebrows, hair gels, etc. So, keep your make up minimal and your hairdo stylish. Wear red lipstick as most French women do, and line your lashes with mascara. Finally, look confident, act classy, and be approachable to complete your French makeover. Bonne Chance!

Ways to Design your Own Clothes Online

Don’t you just hate it, when you reach work or school and see your friend wearing the same dress you picked up at the mall? Well, now you can design your garments on some websites to come up with a unique look, which will make you stand out in the crowd.

We all have clothes in our wardrobe that we haven’t worn in a while. We can be innovative by adding pictures or quotes on old t-shirts or jackets to make them look new, or we can shorten the length of a dress or even turn it into a skirt. This can give your wardrobe a whole new look. By designing your own outfit online, you can design the dress you always wanted to have but were never able to find in the right colors or fabric, and all this is just a few clicks away!

Cutting Edge
You don’t have to go to a Valentino store to find a one of a kind dress. You can use the internet to create a unique fashion style, while saving money and time. All you need is your creativity and the web, to design your clothes online! There are tons of websites which offer all kinds of design options for any kind of clothing from t-shirts, designer jeans to even vintage dresses, for example, youdesignit and Dressbydesign are good choices. These websites allow the users to choose the fabric, color and give their measurements, and they make the outfit for you within a few days at a fairly reasonable price. They are user-friendly and help the customer navigate the entire process. Youdesignit allows you to select a garment of a certain size and pattern and then gives options to add text or motifs to it. Dressbydesign allows you to choose from different styles of the dress you are designing. You can select the neckline, sleeve pattern, length of the dress as also the fabric (color and material) you want it stitched from.

There are other websites like FashionPlaytes and Blank-Label which also allow you to design your clothes online. These websites simulate the designing process online and give the users a feel of actually designing outfits. They have sketchbook-like applications where users can sketch the design and they give you options in colors and fabrics to choose from. Users are prompted to select a color, fabric and pattern of their choice which is later translated into the sketch they have made. FashionPlaytes is for girls while Blank-Label allows designing of men’s t-shirts. The clothes which users design are then stitched and arranged to be shipped to them.

Apart from just allowing users to design clothes online, there are websites that give you a chance to promote your designs. Thanks to these websites, you could be the next trend-setter in the fashion world, you never know! These sites allow you to post designs, where other visitors can like or dislike them. The most liked designs are then promoted by giving them more visibility on the website. These sites also host dress designing contests. Isn’t that an add-on to just designing your own clothes online? You also get to advertise your creations. Fashiolista is one example of this category of websites.

To design clothes online, the first step is to choose the outfit that you wish to design like shirts, t-shirts, caps, jackets, or dresses. You can even select different colors and materials. In case of t-shirt printing or jacket design you can add text or images, to make it unique and fun. This is great for sports events, where each team wants its logo or name printed on the t-shirts. It not only looks good, but is also a great way to promote team spirit. Another use is if you want your own unique quote or saying on your t-shirt . There is a wide variety of clip arts and colors to choose from. You can change and drag the text or image to get it just the way you want.

For dresses or skirts, the websites have a wide variety of choices for colors, fabrics and even patterns, so that you find something that you like and well, that’s the whole point of it, right? All you have to do is come up with a design and they will make it for you in a few days. Most sites will let you order one or more printings of the clothing item you designed. And if you don’t want to order it, you can always save the web page. This is what’s required to design clothes online for free.

Dress It Up!
If you thought that you could only design t-shirts, jackets or jeans online, think again! You can even design the dress for the most important day in your life – your wedding! All of us want to look our best on this day. What if you can’t find that perfect dress or can’t afford to get it customized? Well, now you can design your own wedding dress, with infinite options to choose from the Internet. It can’t get better than this! Your wedding dress will reflect your personality and will hold special memories forever! But make sure, you know what you are doing or you can end up with a disaster in your hands!

For those who have a knack for designing, but would like to learn fashion designing or even pattern-making, they can now take courses online. These courses can help you understand the basic principles of making clothes. Fashiondesignonline offers pattern-making courses online. Etelestia is another website which offers online pattern-making, sewing and fashion designing courses.

The beauty of the whole idea is that you can play around with the features to come up with the perfect attire reflecting your taste, personality and just what you imagined for the occasion. So what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity and become the new fashionista!