Can You Look Your Best All Year Round and Still Pay Rent and Eat? How to Be a Fashionista on a Shoestring Budget

If there is one thing that every fashionista knows, it’s that wearing current trends all year round is no cheap task. Of course, one thing that every serious fashionista knows is that where there’s a will, there’s a (cheap) way.

Sample Sales

Have you ever watched a collection go down the runway only to never see your favorite piece make it into production? While most fashionistas only buy what they can see on the rack, for those looking for truly unique pieces, sample sales are the way to go. The challenge is finding them, as brands often don’t like to advertise their name next to the word sale.

Online fashion forums are a great place to find like-minded fashionistas such as yourself and get the inside scoop on when these sales are coming up. Often times, fashion brands themselves will post the details as a way to control the spread of the news, ensuring their stores aren’t even more overrun with crazy shoppers than usual.


Just because Groupon Coupons offers discounts on everyday products like those at their Office Depot store, doesn’t mean that they also don’t offer them on their range of clothing stores. If you see an item that you must have in the store window, take note of the product details and look for a coupon online to buy it for a heavily discounted price.

While you may have to wait a week or two (GASP!), the brief wait will be well worth it when you are the envy of all your friends as you strut around in up-to-date fashions. Another great bonus with shopping using coupons is that they aren’t always just for the items you buy. When you are searching, look for coupons you can apply to shipping to further keep your costs down.

Take a Hike!

Well, only if you’re wearing the current season’s hiking fashions. If not, then it’s time to take a drive into the suburbs. Department stores in the city need to pay higher prices just to open their doors. That’s before they even turn the lights on or pay their staff. The money needed to operate a store comes from one place and one place only – the price tag on that jacket you have been looking at.

However, do you know which stores are able to sell their items for less? Those with lower overheads. These stores are often located in areas you usually wouldn’t consider traveling to for shopping, however, the journey can be well worth it. While you shouldn’t expect 50 percent discounts, even saving the tax amount can quickly add up as your shopping companion’s arms get more and more full as the shopping day goes on.

Just because you don’t have CoCo Chanel’s bank account doesn’t mean that you can’t look elegant, it just means that you need to employ a few tips and tricks, much like the ones in this article.