The Beauty of Vintage Fashion

There’s something quite mesmerizing about vintage fashion, especially when it’s executed properly. The combination of unique finds, along with some of the incredibly thoughtful forgotten designs that fashion brands of the past have produced, means that there’s an endless wealth of amazing discoveries to be had in thrift stores, on eBay, and at garage sales.

Among fashion bloggers, many of the coolest vintage clothing posts can be found on Instagram. While many users struggle to get off the ground with followers (if that sounds like you, you can buy instagram views here), many other accounts have managed to carve out an effective niche for themselves by displaying their gorgeous retro-flavoured finds.

Big Business

It may surprise you to hear it, but second-hand clothing has actually developed into a booming market in recent years. In fact, an article by Business of Fashion revealed the value of the used-clothes industry to be worth almost $4 billion.

Between 16 to 18 percent of Americans will shop at a thrift store each year, and they’ve got an amazing variety of outlets to choose from; at the last estimate, it was thought that there were more than 25,000 second-hand retail and not for profit stores in the country (this figure also includes consignment stores).

The same article deduced that Fashionphile, a popular second-hand clothes and fashion accessories retailer, managed to pull in about $3 million of sales in February 2016. In fact, in the year prior to that, their custom grew by one fifth, from 50% to 60%.

The Source of Growth

It’s easy to look at these figures and become confused about why buying second-hand clothes has become such a big business.

In fact, Forbes have also taken a look at the trend, specifically trying to figure out why such a massive industry has sprung up around used clothing. In that article, writer Rachel Hennessey managed to make a correlation between social movements of the past which proved to be instrumental to womens’ rights.

For example, Coco Chanel was a particularly prominent fashion figure in the 1920s, often using her platform to espouse a positive, affirming message for all women. She encouraged them to pursue absolute freedom, whether that involve choosing where they worked or how they dressed.

Worth Checking Out

If you’re interested in incorporating vintage clothing into your own sense of style, look no further than these cool Instagram posters for some inspiration:


Based in NYC, Amarcord Vintage do an amazing job of sourcing some of the most impressive used high-end goods from the big city’s retailers. One look at their feed reminds us how timeless brands like Chanel and Missoni are; their goods only improve with time.


Retailers of thousands of incredible used fashion finds, Mamastone Vintage have been in business for a decade and market themselves to bohemians with a taste for the subtle – or sometimes not-so-subtle – old-school chique.

We hope this articles serves as a great introduction to vintage fashion for you, and don’t forget to keep checking back for more awesome posts like this!